Visual Design

Poster for the Arizona Community based in Phoenix through the University of Arizona

Info graphic for Presente Organization based out of Oakland, California

Four Pixels logo
Indigenous Design Collaborative

Poster for the 2016 AJAAS Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona

Poster made for Palante Fundraiser for the Migente Organization based out of Phoenix, Arizona

Beyond Boundaries logo for
NAU Program

Flyer for University of Texas at Austin for the Mexican American Studies Program

Culture is Life Logo
Women of Color Media Arts Collective

Poster for ACLU in Phoenix, Arizona

Flyer for Faces of Garfield Photo Exhibition

Advertisement for a workshop at the Letras Latinas conference in Texas

Logo for the hip-hop artist Olmeca

Infographic for NDLON bases in Los Angeles, California

Flyer for the Right to Remain exhibition in New York, New York

Logo for the Community Based Doulas based in Phoenix, Arizona


Identity, Branding, Illustration, Advertising